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  • The problem with 120 is that you do not know what 121 will plant along the boundary. If they plant a Leylandii hedge it will block a lot of your daylight.
  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 ManchesterPosts: 5,150

    Alan Clark makes a good point about neighbouring gardens. The number of forum queries regarding planting trees or high hedges for privacy in new build homes seems to double every year.

    Plot 120 has the potential to be surrounded on all three sides if your new neighbours were the 'privacy' type. 

    Plot 121 seems to be a fairly open site with only the pond and possibly trees/shrubs on the SW side. I'm wondering if you might have some say over what the developers plan to plant in that area? Depending on the size of the garden you could have a nice bit of evening sun coming through there.

    It has what I assume is only a single storey garage on the eastern side which might only block morning sun in a small part of the garden and the site seems wide enough for a morning coffee spot further along.
    Any garden buildings or trees neighbours might put in along the boundary with 120 or 117 shouldn't cast much shade as it's the northeastern side.

    My choice would be 121 as the sun will fall on the garden from side to side (if you get what I mean).
    My garden faces east like 120, has lovely morning sun but by the evening it's mostly shaded by the house apart from a small spot right at the back. A longer garden than mine would get more evening sun of course, but would involve a longer trek to the 'sunny patio' with a long cool glass at the end of the day.🍷😉
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