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Looking for radio station which has more music than inane prattling.

KT53KT53 South WestPosts: 6,993
When Heart was still a regional radio station I used to quite enjoy it.  Yes there was the inane prattling you expect of 'local' radio, but the majority of the time they were actually playing music.  There was generally just one presenter so there was a limit to the amount of chat.
A few months ago Heart did away with their regional broadcasts and put Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden on.  Jeez, if there is a more vacuous waste of space on radio than Amanda Holden I have thankfully managed to avoid them.  It may come as a surprise to some, but I really don't give a **** about the content of the latest text received from her husband.  I want to listen to music.
I'd love suggestions for stations which play what would be classed as 'Middle of the Road' stuff and has more music than yap.  Am I seeking the impossible?


  • TopbirdTopbird Mid SuffolkPosts: 7,351
    edited October 2019
    Internet radio - Radio Swiss Classical and Radio Swiss Jazz (which is actually more blues and easy listening) - brilliant stations - no DJ’s - just music and pretty good music at that🙂
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  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,022
    I'll see your Amanda Holden and raise you Niki Chapman who sat in for Zoe Ball recently.
    As hard as it is to believe, she was even worse on radio than on chelsea flower show
  • amancalledgeorgeamancalledgeorge South LondonPosts: 2,306
    Or just give Spotify a go?
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  • pr1mr0sepr1mr0se Posts: 1,173
    Classic fm?  quite soothing - my "go to" station - and it's even better at Christmas (not the tat songs played endlessly in supermarkets) - lovely festive music with real choirs etc.  If that's your sort of thing!
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 80,546
    edited October 2019
    Hostafan1 said:
    I'll see your Amanda Holden and raise you Niki Chapman who sat in for Zoe Ball recently.
    As hard as it is to believe, she was even worse on radio than on chelsea flower show
    I have to agree with you there ... never was there a more vacuous waste of space. Shame I don’t want to live and work in London ... I could do better than that and I was rubbish when I was interviewed on local radio. 😳
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  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,532
    We are fortunate in Wales to have BBC Radio Cymru:  rather a lot of rugby, but otherwise a mix of contemporary Welsh pop, vintage British and American pop, and some Welsh traditional music.
  • I'll second @Shrinking Violet's bid of Classic FM - mostly bearable & very tuneful. Just a pity they never vary the 'ad' sequences - once they're in they're there THREE TIMES PER HOUR for a day or two!! GRRRRH¬¬
  • AnniDAnniD South West UKPosts: 10,629
    There's a whole list here (including MOR stations)

    Apart from Ken Bruce (particularly for Popmaster), l rarely listen to the radio these days. My main listening was in the evening around tea time, but ever since the powers that be got rid of Simon Mayo's Drivetime, it's usually silence or a bit of BBC Local radio .
  • pr1mr0sepr1mr0se Posts: 1,173
    @David Matthews2:  I think the trouble is that it's part of "Global" radio - so them wot's in control think that "one size fits all".  I suspect that many on Classic are unimpressed with repeated ads for, say, LV insurance (shriek - cue tuneless thumpety thump) but - hey, ho, we get a pretty decent radio station for all that! And repetition of ads may work for some - though not for me!  
  • Pauline 7Pauline 7 West Yorkshire Posts: 2,129
    Mellow magic for me. DAB only and , yes you get hourly news bulletins and traffic reports at rush hour, but apart from that it's 'mellow ' music.
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