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Sowing seeds in pots in cold frame in October/November

Hi all, this is my first year growing vegetables and I'm new to this forum so apologies in advance if this topic has already been covered.  We're putting together a wooden cold frame at the weekend and I'd be grateful for any advice on the best vegetable seeds to sow in pots for overwintering and the best time to plant out.  Thanks, CK


  • There's a wealth of info on the web and some social media groups regarding winter sowing which you may find useful. I haven't got any specific advice for veg but am going to be trying with some perennials from seed this December
  • Thanks.  For example, is it better to sow broad bean seeds or individual garlic cloves in pots in a cold frame initially and then plant out closer to Christmas or simply plant out now?
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    I plant broad bean Aquadulce Claudia direct into the veg patch now. 
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  • You could get garlic, onions and broad beans in for next year, if you have a greenhouse or polytunnel you can sow some winter greens and herbs
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