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Is one of these sage?

greenlinggreenling Posts: 1
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Our beautiful, big, potted sage died inexplicably this summer. We trimmed it, made sure the soil had enough air (too dense soil might have been the reason for dying), and hoped something would grow back.
Now, a few months later, it seems that two different species are growing in the pot, in a circle around the deceased plant. Is one of these sage? Should we kill the other/ what is the other?


  • The one in the last pic is a willowherb, but the others look as if they might be sage, either seedlings or growing from the roots of the old plant. Break off a leaf and chop it to try the smell test, that should help you decide.
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 50,340
    The hairy ones look like little poppy seedlings or something similar. Not sure about the other, but neither are sage.
    Sage isn't hardy everywhere - it certainly doesn't survive here for long, so you'll need to bite the bullet and get another one. They need nice light, free draining soil and sun.  :)
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  • TopbirdTopbird Posts: 7,714
    Agree with Fairy - there is no longer any (living) sage in that pot. Time to start again.

    IME sage usually dies through being too wet and / or too cold. It does survive the winter outside in East Anglia but through winter I keep it in a slightly sheltered, sunny spot to protect it from cold winds and to stop the compost getting too wet. Spring to autumn it’s in a more open spot.

    Unless you garden on a free draining, sandy soil I think it is best grown in a pot using decent potting compost with a bit of grit mixed through.
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