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Dying Monkey Puzzle Tree

We have a monkey puzzle tree in our garden. It was here when we came here 30 years ago and has grown from maybe 12 feet to its present 25 feet. It is probably 40 or more years old!

However, it now seems to be dying. The leaves have gone brown from top branches to the bottom and some branches have fallen off. Does anyone have any idea as to the cause and how we can rescue it? 


  • Last year's and this year's summer heat and dryness may well have something to do with it.
    Last week's Gardener's World had a lot about Monkey Puzzles and they need temperate rainforest conditions to thrive. If I remember right, it said they can live for up to 200 years.
    If it is completely brown I'm afraid it might be beyond rescue. If the winter is wet enough there might be some signs of revival, but I don't know if they regrow from brown wood, many things don't.
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