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Preventing dahlia tuber rotting overwinter

Hello everyone,

I'm quite new to gardening and last winter was the first time I tried (and failed) to store dahlia tubers. I followed all the instructions - washed, dried and stored them in a large plant pot lined with newspaper and filled with sand, and kept in an unheated shed. They were fine all winter until I checked them again around March and they had rotted. Now I'm wondering what I can do better. Should I ventilate the shed better as it did get quite damp? Is it possible to keep them indoors or is it too warm? Or would it be better to store them in the summer house I keep at minimum 4C for my lemon trees & cacti (though space is a little tight and I'd prefer to keep them in the shed if possible). Any extra advice would be much appreciated!



  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy North London Posts: 5,817
    Sounds as though you did the right things. Two possibilities, did you leave them upside down for a few days to let any water drain out of the hollow stems and/ or was there a very hard frost? Even in a shed if they went below zero that may have induced the rotting.
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