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Cycas revoluta (Sago palm)

Any advice on overwintering these?  I was planning on putting them in our unheated greenhouse, wrapping the pots in fleece and reducing watering to a minimum.  Will I also need the wrap the leaves or crown?


  • Protect the whole pot and the crown.  You won't need to water.  Depending on the size, it is sometimes easier to loosely tie the fronds up to make it more manageable.
    The amount of protection needed obviously depends on your location.
    Mine is about 30 years old now and either goes in an unheated GH with fleece or remains outside ( SW UK ) but well protected.
    The pot and the crown are the most important to look after :)
  • Thanks Philippa Smith2.  I’m in London so not too many bad frosts.  A good idea to tie up the fronds.  They are taking up a lot of space in the greenhouse and are quite sharp 
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