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help a newbie deal with lawn weed identification and treatment.

Hi all, 

Not long had a garden, and I've received it in a terrible condition. All was looking not-so-bad though until in I've noticed the spread of a weed in the grass; very abundant and seems to have sprung up in only the past few weeks. I've just dug out a metre long strip of it, but there is probably another 4 linear metres of the stuff across the garden. For pictures, follow the link. I've been googling "common garden weeds" but can't find a good match. There is so much that digging it all out would ruin the lawn. Can it be treated? It is rooted right into the ground. Hoping that this isn't some terribly invasive weed? Maybe it'll just die off over the winter?

Any help or pointers gratefully received. 


  • madpenguinmadpenguin Posts: 2,527
    Looks like lawn daisies.
    I would keep them but others consider them a 'weed'.

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  • Looks like lawn daisies.
    I would keep them but others consider them a 'weed'.
    Thanks for this... that would explain why we've not noticed them until now. Since the flowers are gone we're probably only just noticing the thick heavy foliage that they grow out of..!
  • I would keep them too, to me clover and daisies make a lawn far more interesting to the eye than a sterile stretch of plain grass.
  • There's still time to do a selective lawn weed treatment in most of the UK, though it'll be slower to work. Allow for a repeat in May. Easy to deal with.
  • my first instinct was daisies too but they are really well developed if they are daisies. Could still be something else. I have just plucked a bunch of weeds out of my lawn, now of course more is popping up but every time it gets a bit easier, next year after a good scarifying I'm hoping it will finally look good again. 
    If they are daisies, they are not too hard to dig up and get rid of compared to other trickier weeds that leave a bunch of roots behind to pop up over and over again.
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 86,996
    If you want to take some or all of them out I suggest using a Daisy Grubber. 100% accuracy 😉 none of that problem with measuring out the right dosage ... and so easy to take out the bigger clumps and leave the smaller ones so that you can still have a few daisies in your lawn 😊 

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