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Good time to plant?

Is it still a good time to move things around and plant up or will it get cold too soon for them to recover? tia


  • AnniDAnniD South West UKPosts: 10,998
    Depends where you are in the UK, but l would have thought you'd be okay for the next week to 10 days. The sooner the better  :)
  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 48,972
    I often move stuff at this time of year. It's only a problem if you don't prep well or take care when lifting anything. Obviously, if ground isn't suitable - frozen or saturated, it's better to wait :)
    Potted plants can be put in the ground at any time unless the ground's waterlogged or frozen. At this time of year, anything small would be exempt from that general rule of course. 
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  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,294
    The ground is warmer in October than it is in April. 
    As @Fairygirl, so long as it's not waterlogged or frozen, go for it.
  • MeomyeMeomye Posts: 795
    Thanks everyone I will go ahead. 
  • dappledshadedappledshade Top of the Hill, North London Posts: 982
    It definitely depends on whereabouts you are in the country, as well as how waterlogged your ground is, what with this charming September and October weather this year 🙄

    I’m in London and am still moving stuff around. I planted out two new gardens from scratch, back in April and now there is a certain amount of tidying and moving to be done, as some plants have filled gaps. 
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