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First discussion, can someone please identify another of Dobbies mystery plants.


  • amancalledgeorgeamancalledgeorge South LondonPosts: 915
    Maybe a Beaucarnea recurvata? Also known as ponytail palm. 
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  • Certainly look like that - if so, you have a bargain with 3 at that price.
    I'd separate them as soon as feasible - relatively slow growing but make enormous plants over the years.
    I still have several from seeds sown in the late 1980's :)  
  • Thank you George & Philippa. I have googled Pony Tail Palm and the description fits the plant. 
    Your advice please. should I transfer transfer them into a bonsai dish individually, or a standard mini pot? They are currently in a standard plastic mini pot?

  • It really depends on what you want.  Their rate of growth will be dictated by how you keep them.
    My largest one fills a planter 50 cm diameter x 28 deep and stands approx. just short of 5 feet tall.
    By contrast, I have 2 growing together which I grew on in a bonsai dish approx. 28 x 25 x 14 deep.  I kept them in there for a number of years but transferred them a couple of years ago to a basic plastic plant pot 20 cm diam x 16 deep.
    I've attached a pic of these - as you can probably see, they are distorting the pot and need transplanting.
    My remaining ones vary in size but mostly in fairly large pots.
    Hope this will help you decide :)
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