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Wind turbine blade on it's journey!



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    @philippa smith2 - I don't think it would be aceptable to dismantle humans but we can certainly work towards making fewer of them and better living and working conditions.

    @Hostafan1 Cats have been around for millenia and birds and small rodents are still with us tho I agree they're a problem in Oz and NZ where the wildlife has no defenses or innate caution about cats.   The WHO has published infor about the ill effects of turbines on human health and given guidelines about safe distances of turbines from human habitation.  Planners and constructors all too often ignore them.

    Heat exchangers and PV panels are better IMO.   Agree about nuclear power but it seems to me the main question to ask is why the Japanese or anybodey else would build one on a known Pacific Rim site which is likely to be affected by volcanic eruptons and/or subsequent tsunamis and why, the Soviets, having built one in the Ukraine, would you not carry out the necessary high spec installation and regular maintenance? 

    Plain old fire can be dangerous if you don't take sensible precautions.
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