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Curry leaf tree

I have 2 curry leaf trees that were grown from cuttings 3 years ago, they have done very well this year in greenhouse and I will bring into the house to overwinter soon but what I’d like to know is how should I harvest the leaves? And from where? They drop most overwinter but I don’t know correct way to take leaves.
thankyou for any help


  • The usual method would be to harvest the fresh leaves much as you would do with any scented leaf shrub.  
    You can either dry them or use fresh.
  • Thank you, yes I have some frozen also use fresh but wondered if I take the stems off if they will grow back next year I read on YouTube to cut the top right off and new shoots come but this was large trees in India so different growing conditions.
    i love curry leaves in my curries which I make often. I didn’t want to be left with a bare tree next year and few stems on top as it’s still really thin .
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