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I currently have a long and narrow garden which I am looking to redesign myself (pic below). I've been building up a bit of a Pinterest board and researching the sort of things I would like.  Has anyone done this and if so where is the best place to start? Also plan to do on a bit of a budget ideally sub £1000.  Thanks, Nicky. 


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 29,104
    looks like you've got kids, but some more ideas about how you plan to use the garden would be useful  ( playground, chillout zone, low maintenance, fruit and veg etc etc ) all require different approaches.
  • Yes of course sorry :-) .  I have four children so would like to keep it relatively family friendly and low maintenance.  I would like it to incorporate a lawned area, a seating/chillout area (some sort of decking/patio),  a Japanese area (we have quite a few acers and bonsais).  The playhouse on the left is going to be taken down and I'm hoping to put some sort of outdoor kitchen/bbq area there.  The trampoline and shed at the back will both be staying.  We have quite a few acers and bonsais currently in pots, also some ferns.  We currently have a raised bed with some raspberries, rhubarb and strawberries but Im thinking of getting rid of the bed and putting those in a trough to keep them contained.   
  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 29,104
    depending on the age of the kids, you could screen off "their" area and keep the pretty bits to the front. If the kids need supervision, that's probably a no no. 
    I'd have nice deep borders and keep a smaller area of lawn .
    the budget isn't huge so you can't do much in the way of major building works  but your patios looks in pretty good shape 
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    You can make it look wider by making curved or diagonal paths acorss the grass to take you to the bottom of the garden.   Leave grass one one side of a curve or angle and make a bed out of the other in which you can plant your acres and so on for one area and make a seating area in another angle or curve, possibly with an arbour, arch or trllis for perfumed climbers.

    Another, simple option would be to mark out and cut 2 circular lawns between the terrace and the bottom and use the space cleared around them for your seating area and Japanese section and all the rest.  Erect an arch or pergola to join the two and make you want to go thru to explore what lies beyond.  Make another arch and trellis panels to hide the kids' zone so they have their own space.

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    Keeping the patio, the steps and the retaining wall will save a good bit of money. You could make beds on the far side of the wall and grow things that will trail over, if you don't like how it looks.  The existing raised beds on the right could be kept too, even if you make a wider bed around them (instant height at the back corner of the bed).
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