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Chillies in the greenhouse

I have a 6x6 greenhouse full to the rafters with super hot chillies. Has been a great harvest this year, but now the chillies are crazy. They have grown so tall they're bunched up in the eaves of the greenhouse and still growing (out the windows, even through the gaps in the roof). I know for tomatoes as the season comes to a close it's best to cut away the leaves to allow the existing fruit room and air to ripen. Should I do the same with my chillies and cut away all the leaves?


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,933
    I doubt there's much to gain by removing the leaves from your chili plants.
    For tomatoes it's more a case of improving air-flow around the plants to deter blight etc. It's warmth not sunlight that ripens tomatoes.
    If you have somewhere frost-free, you could over-winter your chili plants. I find it too much faff, so I start afresh each year.
    When it's getting quite chilly, I take off all the chilies and freeze them or leave some on a sunny window sill to dry

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  • Thanks Pete, I don't bother over wintering either.
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