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I cannot seem to work out the treatment for my lawn I have a 300sq mtr lawn and wish to treat the moss with iron sulphate using a 2gall watering can please can somebody tell me what quantity of sulphate of iron do I put  in a 2gall watering can. 


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    I’ll give @glasgowdan a nudge ... he knows about lawns. 😊 
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    About 300g - 320g for 10 litres powder mix , that what it is for mine yours maybe different does it not say on the label .  I wouldn't use a rose ( water can rose ) a proper sprayer would be best but I think you can get something to fit a watering can which is like a sprayer. 

    How bad is the moss ? If its very bad and deep scarifying first and moss killing would be the way to go , then look into what causing the moss normally poor drainage. I
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    Surely there are instructions and/or guidelines on the container?
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  • I wouldn't go by the label on iron bags. 

    I also wouldn't use a watering can as it heavily overdoses the stuff. Plus... 300m2!!! Get a £20 sprayer.

    If the moss is thick, you won't kill it effectively with iron. 

    Any signs of black later? You don't want to make it worse.

    10 litres in a sprayer can be used with anything from 200-1000g soluble iron depending on the situation. 

    There's so much to consider here. 
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