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Bug Clear Ultra Vine Weevil Killer for mealy bug?

madpenguinmadpenguin Posts: 2,523
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I have noticed the dreaded mealy bug on a few of my indoor succulents.
So far it is not a full blown infestation and have used meths on a paintbrush etc and Bug Killer Ultra Spray.
I am just about to treat a lot of my outside pots for vine weevil by drenching and dunking pots.I see that Bug Clear Ultra Vine Weevil Killer (which I use) also kills mealy bug.Would it be a good idea to drench the indoor pots as a preventative measure and to stop a bigger infestation?
Kill two birds with one stone as it were!!
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  • madpenguinmadpenguin Posts: 2,523
    Definitely Vine Weevil outside,that has been an ongoing problem for years.I generally treat everything in pots twice a year.They get in everything!
    Indoors I have too many plants to watch over all the time so was thinking that as Vine Weevil killer can also be used for killing Mealy Bug that I would use the one chemical only.My succulents don't flower much so not a problem with bees etc.If anything is on  the plant it is usually something that needs getting rid of!
    Meths has been fine for small bugs if I see them but I am now worried because I am starting to see them on more than one plant.
    Using the Vine Weevil killer I was hoping to nip any infestation in the bud.
    Just wondering if a drench would be OK.
    “Every day is ordinary, until it isn't.” - Bernard Cornwell-Death of Kings
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