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Daphne.Yellow leaves on new plants

I have just taken delivery of two daphne plants, and on opening the package was greeted by two plants with bright yellow leaves. I thought these were evergreen?
I have photographed them but would appreciate any comments before getting on to the supplier (Gardening Express) Thank you in advance. Ignore bay on left.


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    Not all Daphne are evergreen...maybe a deciduous one.
    Which one is it?
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    I just recently had two daphne's delivered and mine, too, had mostly yellow leaves.  Worried me a bit, but the leaves seemed to be firmly fixed to the branches and not at all dying off (yet). My plants shipped from the East Coast to Texas and took 5 days to arrive. 
    Two weeks later now, setting them in a mostly shady spot, they are slowly getting a bit greener.  What I think is going on is when ALL light shut out in their shipping boxes, the leaves may yellow out on some plants, much like grass will do if covered with a solid object for a bit.  Daphnes may be one of those plants? At least that is what I THINK might have happened.  Either that, or the younger leaves on seedlings start out yellow on my cultivar and darken with time?  I've never grown any genus of daphnes before, so I'm just guessing here.
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