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Wildlife Pond advice - pump, filter, plants, waterfalll.

MrsGardenMrsGarden Posts: 3,951
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Hi, my new wildlife pond is approx 2m x 2m ( less in reality) , 60cm deep.
I have 4 questions

1). Filter- Am I right in thinking that I don't need a filter as it's for wildlife?

2). Pump- Do I need a pump over winter ( for the waterfall) or shall I wait until spring? (Is if it's not used over winter am I potentially wasting some of the warranty?).

3). Size - I am looking at a pump for 2300 
litres/hour as below:

All Pond Solutions ECO Adjustable Pond Water Fountain Pump (2300 Litre/ Hour)

Does this look right for my pond  size with a waterfall raising up to max of 2m above the pond? ( It's this high as it's on a slope!!)

4). Do I buy plants now or in spring? 

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