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What do you do with the cuttings that startet showing roots at the bottom of the pot already?

Have a few of rudbeckias cuttings that were so vigorous that they grew roots enough to stick out at the bottom of a pot. What would you suggest - plant them out now or keep in the pot. Wouldn’t it kill them to stay in a pot for the next six or maybe even more (God help us) months?


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,334
    move them into a slightly bigger pot if they're under cover. eg greenhouse, or leave them if they're outside as growth will stop soon
  • Ok sounds good, thank you Hostafan. I am planning to keep everything in our conservatory (not heated), so a bigger pot it is. Probably will have to pot up again midwinter if it continues growing like this. 
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