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monkey puzzles going yellow

Im attempting to grow monkey puzzle (aurucaria) from seeds. Ive got about 80% hit rate from seeds, which germinated last february and now I have a few small tree plants, about 6-10" tall.
On a lot (but not all) the highest tips of the plant are going a much lighter green to yellow, which doesnt look great.
I planted a few out in a sheltered bit of garden, and their tips have gone dark yellow. But, they seem to have stoutened up in the weather too.

whats with this colour fade? is it a lack of something?


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,145
    Monkey puzzles aren't fussy bout acid or alkaline soil so it's unlikely to be anaemic from a lack of iron but it could be chlorotic if it is lacking magnesium.  You can fix that by giving it a feed of 15ml of Epsom salts diluted in 5litres of water and then poured over the leaves using the fine rose on your watering can.   

    You could also try beefing up the soil with a good mulch of well-rotted garden compost if you have some and/or some well-rotted manure which will add nutrients as well as improving soil texture.  Make sure the plants have been watered well before mulching.
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