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Advice for Kangaroo Paw plant

Earlier in the year I got a "Kangaroo Paw" plant (the red variety) from the Eden Project garden shop in Cornwall.

It seems to be doing well in our garden in it's pot however it's now starting to die off, which I believe is quite normal for this time.

My concern with it is that they are apparently not hardy enough for UK winter's, and so I'm not sure the best way to 'store' it for the next few months, to keep it alive so it comes back next year.

Looking online a lot of UK owners of these plants seem to have them as indoor plants, but we don't really have the space for that.

Would a cover of some sort be suitable for this, to keep frosts out? Or would that likely not keep it warm enough through the winter?


  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 8,082
    The RHS website says it's H2 (minimum temperature 1-5 deg. C) so it needs to be kept above freezing.  If you really don't have anywhere indoors to keep it, covering it in cold weather and moving it to a sheltered spot such as up against the house wall might be worth a try but I'd say it's risky in all but the mildest parts of the UK.
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  • Thanks for the advice :)

    We're in Norfolk and normally do get milder winter's, but I suppose it's hard to predict the weather in this country any way.

    Would something like this cover be suitable?

    And, possibly a stupid question, but is it best to put a cover over it once it starts getting to regular near-freezing temps? And once it's covered, do I ever have to remove it, or just simply leave it covered until the temps get a bit warmer again?

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