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Good afternoon everyone. 
I have a potted fig which I must admit has been a little ignored. It had three figs on it this year which dropped off possibly because it wasn't watered enough.  I have recently read that figs need lots of water.
My question is, it is divided into two main, equally long 'trunks' coming directly from the pot. Should I remove one to encourage the other to fruit more regularly?


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,583
    I find that figs don't ripen too well outdoors though I get the impression that other people's fig trees produce ripe fruit without any problems in this country. I guess it depends where you are and what the summer is like. I have several fig trees and the outdoor ones are kept as pets, just for the gorgeous leaves, and they are in pots and kept well trimmed so they don't take over. The indoor figs, in the greenhouse, are kept to one stem each and they produce ripe fruit. There is no need to stick to one stem as they will fruit on two or's just a matter of space.
    They need as much water as they need, which might sound unhelpful, but if they look a bit dry, then give them a drink. Letting the plants dry out too much will lead to the unripe fruit dropping off. Mine get watered every day in summer but they are raised on bricks so that the roots don't get damaged through sitting in sodden soil during the winter.
    I've seen a lot of potted figs that look really unhappy and it is generally because people don't feed them.
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,848
    Don't prune it.   You just need to look after it properly and give it regular water and, maybe, pot it into a bigger pot this winter when it is dormant.

    Have a look at this infor from the RHS which includes how to care for them in pots - 
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