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Water shoots on magnolia

I moved a magnolia tree last autumn. The tree already had some buds which opened in the spring in its new position but it has failed to do much else since then, no new leaves or buds. I've now noticed lots of water shoots or water sprouts around the trunk and upper branches but no growth at the end of the branches. Does it sound like the tree is dying? Should I remove the water shoots? Any advice gratefully received. 


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687
    You mention moving the tree last autumn. Is it a young tree? If so, I would leave them be and allow it time to settle. Resist trying to 'correct' the look of the tree now and see how it performs next year. Any minor prunes can be done next summer. They are not particularly fast growers.

    If the tree had been pruned quite severely over the last year, water shoots will occur, and in some instances, the tree may not recover and even die. I think it's too early to know, so best leave it for now. 
  • Thanks Borderline. It's not that young, maybe 5-6 years old, it been once already (not by me) and has also been pruned badly in the past.....

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687
    I still think it's best to leave all the pruning right now and see how it performs next year. Especially if you say it's been pruned a few times already, and that may have stressed your tree. You can post a photo if you are concerned so that others can give you more opinions.

    5 to 6 years is still quite a young tree. I would concentrate on keeping the tree well watered in dry spells and even in the summer time, since the tree has only been in the new position for a year. 
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