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Potted avocados - Browning leaves


I have about 8 avocado saplings ranging up to 3ft tall, I first noted on the largest one that the leaves at the base were browning, going crispy and falling off. Some research suggested a salt or mineral content problem in the water - I now filter all the water for them. However this is happening on all the plant that are over a foot tall. 

They are potted in compost with a few inches of perlite at the base. Could this a be an acidity of soil issue? 

Any help welcome 


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,838
    Avocadoes are evergreen plants originating from Mexico and grow to be very large trees so youo'll need to ask yourself what you ar egoing to do with them when they get bigger as they are not frost hardy.

    Being evergreen, they will lose leaves from time to time but if you plan to keep them you'll need to grow them in a loam based compost, feed them and make sure their water is neutral so neither acid nor alkaline.
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