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Nine Star perennial broccoli

Hi gardeners,

Has anyone got experience of growing the perennial broccoli? Is it a good doer? Is it worth tracking down some seeds? I haven’t found anywhere with seeds in stock! 

Thanks 😀



  • I grew it several years ago, Kat.  It grows into a huge plant so you need plenty of space (4ft x 4ft of ground.)  You also need to watch out for pests like caterpillars, whitefly and especially woodpigeons if you have any around (they'll eat the whole plant down to the stems in the winter if you don't net it.)  Mine cropped ok in the first couple of years but deteriorated and wasn't worth keeping after that.  However, if you have plenty of space it's worth trying and was a useful late winter crop of fresh veg, when there's not much else about.
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