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Watering Indoor Plants

I am going away for 2 weeks and I don’t have a neighbour I can ask to water my indoor plants - maiden hair fern, Chinese money plant and a spider plant. What is my best option to try and keep them alive while away?  
In the bath with some water in the bottom? 
Water globes and other such devices? 
Grateful for any advice. 


  • HelixHelix Posts: 631
    I’m about to go away too...  i tend to put them in separate containers (old sink bowls) with some gravel in the bottom.  And then can add water to suit each plant.  Spider plant won't care much as they aren’t fussy.  Chinese money plant doesn’t need too much and fern needs to stay humid so gets a bit more. 

    And if you put them in the bath it makes a hell of a mess to clean up!
  • Thank you. Are we talking a few cm of water for the Chinese and spider plants and maybe 5 for the fern? I have seen others create a mini greenhouse for some with plastic bags? 
  • The washing up bowl ( or plant tray) in the bath for the fern as it needs to stay damp. The other two in one together maybe with gravel just to lift them a little with the 5cm of water , will keep them in a moist air at least , until you return. 
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