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Yellow leaves on Wisteria and Passion Flower

Hi there

I have a young Wisteria and a young Passion Flower planted next to one another. Both grew very well over the summer and put on lots of height and both flowered.

Both are now getting a lot of yellow, falling leaves and I am not sure whether this is just autumn kicking in or something more sinister (this is my first garden). The yellow leaves are concentrated at the bottom of the plant, the bottom few inches. All of the foliage above that is green and healthy looking. This all kicked off a couple of weeks ago. The weather was dry at the time, and becoming cooler (around the 17-20C mark). It has been extremely wet this week but the yellow leaves predate that.

Should I worry or just monitor?



  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,653
    Sounds like autumn to me.  Mine aren't turning yet but it's still warm here but as the day shsorten and it gets cooler I expect all the leaves to turn and then drop.   If it's been very dry you could give them a deep drink but otherwise don't worry.
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  • Great. Thanks as ever!
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