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Green potatoes

I grow potatoes every year in a raised bed, and I like to try different varieties.  This year for the first time I have grown Pink Fir Apple and they have done something I haven't encountered before: they have grown too close to the surface and I can see tubers breaking the surface and turning green.  I have covered them with a couple of inches of soil I had spare in hopes the green would disappear.

Now we all know green potatoes are poisonous, so if the earthing up doesn't work, and they are still green when I come to harvest them, I'll know not to use them.  My question is:  if the green disappears, will they still be poisonous?  Or do the toxic compounds (I think they're called alkaloids) disappear with the chlorophyll?

Is this a known problem with certain varieties, and if so, shouldn't the growers supply them with a warning that they need earthing up later than others?


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,843
    Just cut out the green bits when you're cleaning them for the pot. PFA are a lovely firm salad potato, not for growing on late.
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  • SkandiSkandi Posts: 1,721
    The green doesn't disappear so you don't need to worry about "Hidden" nasties just the visible bits. I'm with obelixx cut off any green and the rest will be fine.
  • Keep the green ones for next years seed potatoes.
  • Give em a try 😂😂😂 only kidding pal. If you eat a bit of green it won't kill you just cut it out
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