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Weedy looking standard fuschia

Ideas please. A standard Fuchsia bought about two years ago from Lidal or Aldi is looking decidedly not happy. Last winter I kept it in a cold conservatory and it has flowered its socks off ever since, winter and summer. It has  been outside since spring. gradually it has started to look unhappy. Most of the leaves started to drop off and new ones are few and far between although there seems to be leaf buds there. Is it just exhausted after flowering non stop for nearly two years or am I expecting too much. It's looking very leggy. I am reluctant to prune it while there are still flowers and the odd bud on it but maybe that is what it needs? 


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    Is the pot big enough? Have you fed and watered it enough? 
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  • As far as I know the pot is big enough the top tapering to about 12in at the bottom x 16in.high. Using a moisture monitor it has always seemed fine. The only thing it could be would be the feeding which has been recently rectified. Will it  come back after a rest?? 
  • I did read somewhere that fuchsias don't like to have too big a pot so am reluctant to go with a much bigger pot.
  • B3B3 Posts: 15,945
    Can you post a picture of the patient?
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  • I don't know if this is any good as (a) I've not done it before and (b)it is getting quite dark, can you make head or tail of it?
  • I bought it back indoors before we went away last week in case it went frosty when we were away but needn't have bothered
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    It’s a lovely fuchsia, I can’t recall the name off hand but yours isn’t a standard.

    there have been a lot of vine weevils about this year and they make a bee line for fuchsias, worth taking a look.
    If it seems ok in the pot, don't  cut it down now, just put it in a cold greenhouse for the winter so it goes to sleep keeping it quite dry, then when it starts to show little green buds, that’s  the time to prune it,  it may be too late to turn it into a standard now, it should have been trained like that from a tiny plant, but you can cut it right down in March/ April time, as low as about 3 to 4” inches from the pot, it will make strong growth through the season.
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  • Thanks all for your help, I'll do as suggested and keep it in till the spring and see what happens then.
    Thank you
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