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Cut tulips

hi, I am looking to turn one of veg pots into a cut tulip border. The space is approx 1mx 2m. Any tips/ dos and donts? 


  • Sarah Raven has a good website with lots of advice and info on tulips.  All her bulbs and plants I find expensive, but you can look at the site and buy your bulbs elsewhere!
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    Given the price of a bunch of tulips in the supermarkets, it is not cost effective. Most veg are not cost effective but taste far better than bought, so I do it.  I retrieve daffs that have fallen flat for cut flowers in the house, otherwise Spring bulbs go in pots so that I can move them around and have a good view of them from inside in the warmth.  Tulips will last a lot longer outside than in the house.
  • Maybe not that cost effective but, from a sustainability point of view/ reduce plastic etc I would like to try. Also have an empty bed over winter which I want to plant up in June so may as well use. Also thought I could dig out the bulbs and reuse next year so it could be more cost effective
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    Bear in mind that most tulips suitable for cutting don't return year on year. If you get a couple of years from them, you're doing well  :)
    There are a few which do, and the species ones will increase, but most of them are smaller. If you want sustainability, it would be better growing those. 
    This is a good site [it's also a supplier though] which gives good info - scroll down to the relevant part on cultivation
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  • Thank you. Any other suggestions of bulbs/ flowers to grow for cut flowers which would be over by June would be welcome! 
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    There are loads of daffs/narcissus to choose from. Many are scented too. 
    You wouldn't have to lift them - just plant on top, depending of course, on what it is you're planting the bed with  :)
    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
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    If you plant the taller tulips very deeply (9" down) they are far more likely to repeat flower and you can leave them in place and plant other stuff on top as long as it's not too deep-rooted, like sweetcorn, for instance.
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    Darwin hybrids are good for leaving in the ground when planted deep and the sturdy blooms last a long time, so ideal for cutting. PS: I originally read the title as 'Cat tulips' for some reason! :D
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  • Thank you for the advice. Will plant salad and courgettes on top so that will work nicely! 
    Many suggestions on how to get a long flowering period and stagger when I cut? 
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