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I have taken cuttings of penstemon, salvia hot lips and hydrangea. I have them growing in pots with a polythene bag covering them. They seem to have rooted well now. However I’m not sure what I should do next to keep them healthy through the winter. Should I remove the bags? Where should I overwinter them? I don’t have a greenhouse. Many thanks for you help. 


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    If you don't have a greenhouse, consider getting some type of cloche or mini plastic growhouse. You may need to also get some fleece to keep the base warm. Best located against the property wall for added warmth.

    If they have rooted, remove the plastic bag, they should do fine outside whilst it's still warm. Keep them somewhere shaded until it gets colder, then look into getting a cloche/cover and fleece for the winter time.

  • Thanks for the advice Borderline. 
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,794
    They'll definitely be better outside with some protection for now  @Pam100 - especially the hydrangea, as @Borderline indicates. Those little plastic greenhouses are fine but make sure if you get one that you secure it extremely well. 
    Otherwise - you'll be chasing it down the road on the first windy day  ;)

    If you like taking cuttings, it's worth investing in a cold frame. They're relatively easy to make too, if you're handy with a saw and screwdriver. You can even just rig up some bricks/blocks and a piece of polycarbonate for a lid to do a temporary job up against a house wall :)
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  • Thanks fairygirl. Will sort a cold frame out 
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