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Raspberry plants

hi everyone
ive just bought 2 raspberry plants from local garden centre 5.99 each! They don’t look like the brown stick like canes I’ve seen. More like pale green stem ... ? One has name tulameen which on label says early to mid fruitier (summer one I’m guessing) but on picture on front says autumn harvest??? Other has no name just says raspberry fruit collection autumn fruiting 
its first time for growing and not sure these are good ‘canes’ look like new runners in a pot!!?
any advice welcome


  • Picture would be helpful. 😁
  • purplerallimpurplerallim Posts: 5,219
    edited September 2019
    Just looked up tulameen and yes its early fruiter, has very long canes it says that need plenty of support. 
    So I would says it's been cut back to sell. It will need to grow canes next year but might not fruit as it fruits on last years canes if it is a summer variety. 
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