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Amaryllis dilemma!

I pollinated, collected seeds and successfully grew 6 Amaryllis two years ago. Five I gave away but 1 I have kept. Recently she has sprouted 9 new plants. She is due for another repot I think but I don't know what to do with the off shoots. Advice please!???


  • @jwdoherty I would suggest that you carefully remove the offshoots at the base, just keeping the biggest and strongest bulb, by focusing on all the offshoots you may not have a strong flowering stem this year - it depends whether you want to encourage more stems or concentrate on the one strongest stem.  Perhaps someone with more experience with Amaryllis will have differing views.
  • Thank you! I thought the same. The off shoots will be taking all the goodness from the main bulb won't they. Should I remove them then plant in the same size pot or go slightly bigger?
  • I'm new at this.
  • Once separated and potted, each of the offsets will grow into a new bulb which will be genetically identical to the 'mother' bulb.
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