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A quick tour of Scampston Walled Garden

I visited this Piet Oudolf garden a couple of years ago. I like it a lot better than his garden at Bruton in Somerset, because of the structure given by walls and hedges.

You enter the garden via a path that skirts the original brick walls

Actaea pachypoda

A gap in the pleached hedge leads to the field of Molinia Poul Peterson, planted in great waves. A group of wingnuts provides shade for a seating area in the middle.

The main part of the garden is composed of garden rooms, separated by structural hedges of varying height

Sculptural slabs of box contrast with soft grasses and perennials.

The heart of the garden is a 'new perennial meadow' enclosed by beech hedging. Sesleria autumnalis, Phlomis, Eryngium, Deschamspia 'Goldtau'.

More sinuous hedges heading towards the orchard.

Cercis 'Silver Cloud'


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