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I just wanted to ask if anyone has any experience of having visiting animals chewing/eating plants whilst also growing Snowdrops or Anemones (mainly thinking Blanda here).

Our garden has the usual visiting squirrels and neighbouring cats (most of whom seem to be fairly daft for cats unfortunately and will occasionally randomly nibble things), and I'm just wondering whether to err on the side of caution if we perhaps shouldn't try these plants bearing in mind they tend to spread around a bit?

I know there are masses of poisonous plants used in gardens to varying degrees, but since it's a bit out of my control whether these animals come and nibble things and being cautious/a worrier by nature it seemed worth asking. 


  • I had a cat euthanised last summer due to poisoning.  I grow many poisonous plants, including the bulbs you mention but the vet (a cat specialist) seemed certain he had ingested antifreeze, despite it being summer, as opposed to any other kind of poisoning.

    I do have a cat who is always eating vegetation (possibly because he has coronavirus) he tends to eat my ornamental grass but also any grass he finds in the borders. I must sow some cat grass in a pot while it is still warm, I'll bring it inside for winter, so he has something to chew on.

    I only have an opinion on this rather than any facts but I will continue growing poisonous plants. I have a lot of visiting cats too as well as other animals but I think I can't make their whole lives safe.
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  • In my opinion cats and snowdrops have shared this planet for a very long time without any perceivable  effect on the numbers of either. Until recently I’ve always had cats. I’ve always grown snowdrops. They’ve happily co-existed.

    I think that the present global tendency to overthink things is causing a lot of needless anxiety in the world.  If I were you I’d go ahead and plant the bulbs you want. I honestly doubt you’ll be causing harm or risking the health of any animals. 

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  • ElothirElothir Posts: 94
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    Indeed Dove, that is the problem exactly.

    There is so much information out there, and so many opinions flying around that with all the 'do you have a pet? then don't grow these' or '50 lethal flowers you could be growing!' stuff it becomes that much harder to figure out what things are actually realistically that dangerous or not.

    For instance from looking around at Anemones, it sounds like they are poisonous just like Buttercups (or at least it's the same toxin, I imagine its a different dosage). Yet I distinctly remember the Buttercups in my primary school playground and I've never heard anyone panicking about them beyond them being a bit annoying to get rid of if you want a perfect lawn. 

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    Please let common sense prevail.  We and our pets have co-existed for millenia with plants in our gardens and hedgerows that are poisonous if ingested.   Both we and our pets have flourished.
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