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Daphne Odoro x Bholua 'Perfume Princess'

PeggyTXPeggyTX Posts: 556
I have just received my order of Daphne Odoro 'Perfume Princess'.   I have watched a couple videos now on what they prefer and how to take care of them.  One video said they can withstand heat and are tolerant of temps down to 20ºF or -7ºC.  So I think they will do well in my back garden, which will put them in partial sun half the day, mostly shade in the hotter afternoon.  I think someone here on this forum may have recommended Daphne to me last year and I decided on the 'Perfume Princess' and located a source.  Anyhow, I saw some conflicting information about blooming for these plants.  One site said they bloom on old wood; one site said they bloom on new wood.  Anyone have experience with this cultivar and know which is correct?  If you are currently growing this particular daphne, can you offer any tips you have gleaned from your experience with them?
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