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Possibly infected apple tree

Hi there,

My poor apple tree isn't doing well with some of the leaves brown and dying.  Not sure if it is infected with something or if there is another cause?  Many thanks for your help.


  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,037
    Maybe an attack of the Autumns?
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  • Maybe an attack of the Autumns?
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  • It's been that way since May.  
  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,037
    As much as I like guessing games that sort of information would have been more useful included with the original question ;) also can you tell us how old the tree is, when it was planted, if it's in the ground etc. It's been a very hot dry couple of summers so was it well watered through the droughts?
    Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people
  • No worries. Not sure how old as it was already there when we bought the place last October. 2/3 years old maybe. The previous owner was a very keen gardener so would reckon it has been well watered. It is planted in a bed just off the lawn. Has a few large plants in its vicinity also in case that would affect things. Not all of the leaves are affected and it is still growing some apples reasonably well. 
  • It could just be aphid damage from earlier in the season - I usually get a couple of infestations each year, one early and one later.  The young leaves get damaged making them look distorted and generally unhealthy.  It could also be the effect of drought which weakens young trees making them more susceptible to diseases.  Either way, give it a good water (2 bucketfulls) once a week if it hasn't rained, rake-up all fallen leaves after they have all dropped and burn them or dispose with household rubbish - don't compost them.  In late autumn, give it a good feed by putting down a 2-3" layer of well-rotted manure or a sprinkle of fish, blood and bone and 2-3" of garden compost.  Young fruit trees don't compete at all well with anything else so best keep a circle around the base of the trunk (about a metre across, but 50cm minimum) clear of grass, weeds and shrubs (bulbs are ok.)
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  • Yes, I think it must be a combination of these things. Thank you so much for all the great advice! Really useful  :)
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