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I am looking for a bit of advice... Has anyone completed the RHS level 2 horticulture course? 

I had signed up for level 2 at my local approved college, due to start next week during the evening's. However I received notification that the course had been cancelled due to lack of attendees :(

I still want to do the course and was looking at maybe doing it via distance learning instead but not sure who was the best provider out there. I have seen some mixed reviews and I want to get the best provider available. 

Can anyone advise on their experiences and which providers used?

I would be really grateful :smile:

Thank you!


  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 24,308
    This is one for @LG_ who has recently done an RHS course.
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  • LG_LG_ gardens in SE LondonPosts: 3,003
    Oh that's such a shame, @jadeynew - so frustrating. Does the college do the course starting in January too, or just once a year?

    I did a taught course, but used lots of the online revision materials from the Edinburgh Garden School. Someone on my practical course was doing their theory alongside with EGS too and found them good. I don't have any first hand reviews of any others, I'm afraid. 
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  • SlumSlum Posts: 311
    You can do the exams without signing up to a training provider. That’s what I did. I bought the textbook and downloaded the course specification and past papers from the RHS website. I worked through the spec making notes for each topic. I then used the notes that revise from, did all the past papers and marked them with the mark schemes. The mark schemes are useful to understand what the examiners are looking for and how marks are allocated. 
  • Thank you for your comments!

    Yes @LG_ the college only has intake for the courses once per year. 

    I had a look at the Edinburgh garden school and they looked liked the better provider. Their website seems to be more professional looking. 

    Thanks @Slum I knew that was an option but wasn't sure how difficult it was to ensure you was following the curriculum correctly and not missing anything.

    Did you find it easy doing it that way? 
  • SlumSlum Posts: 311
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    The spec is fairly clear as to what they expect you to know and the past papers are a good guide to how you’re going to be asked about it. Making notes from a textbook isn’t everyone’s preferred way of doing it. It is one of the cheapest ways to do it though. 
  • Thanks @Slum I will take a look and see if I feel comfortable with this. 

    At least there not any time constraints doing it this way in case work/life gets in the way. 

    I would worry about not being able to get any support should I need it.

    Thanks again, I appreciate your comments! 
  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy North London Posts: 3,486
    I had to wait until I was retired to do this so I could attend during the day. You will need to find a taught course for the practical part if you want the full diploma, but at least you can get the theory ones underway while you are looking. Sadly this seems to be a common problem, courses getting culled at the last minute. Good luck.
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