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Unhappy Sorbus

I have two fairly new Rowan called Sorbus Glen Spire in my garden. About two months the leaves on one of the trees started to go brown and fall off at a dramatic rate.  The other tree is now doing the same. One is completely bare but  does have a few berries.  We have two other Rowan trees which are fine and healthy.  Any idea what the problem is and if we keep the trees is it likely to happen again next year?


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,266
    It sounds like stress due to high temperatures and lack of water but you will now tell me that you have had cloudy, wet weather all summer. If the trees are fairly new, they will need a lot of water until the root system has established.
  • Hi Ceres, the summer was hot and dry so made a point of watering the trees every day. I thought of high temperatures but given how much we watered them didn't think it could be that.
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,005
    Can you offer more info @wizzys ?
    Size, location, soil, anything else around them? It's most likely a bit of dehydration due to getting established, especially if you're in an area that had long, dry spells earlier in the year. If they're more mature specimens, you can magnify the problems several times over, compared to planting a smaller tree, or having perfect climactic conditions.
    Also - was it a potted specimen? It could have been a bit pot bound, and if the roots weren't teased out a bit, it would make it difficult to really get going.
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