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Help please

MJ56MJ56 Posts: 30
I have a Asiatic Lily in a pot and for the last three years it has returned after i followed guidance on overwintering, and i left the bulbs in the pot, however i know i will have to do something else this time as there are new shoots and babies and the pot will need to be bigger but i havent a clue where to begin, can anyone help a novice please?


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,710
    Start by tipping the pot out once the leaves have gone brown. You should then be able to separate out the big bulbs for replanting in a pot with fresh compost.  Any small bulblets can either be grown on separately (may take another two years to flower) or thrown away.
  • MJ56MJ56 Posts: 30
    Thanks Fidget
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