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Apple pruning

I have three apple trees, planted two winters ago. Two on M27, one M9.

All three fruiting this year, although not so much on the one in the shadiest spot, which is to be expected I guess. And plenty of new growth too.

My question is about pruning. The only pruning I've done so far is to remove the leader on one of the M27s last year, to promote the 'open goblet' shape. After consulting various books and RHS website, my  understanding is I should wait until dormancy in winter, then cut the new growth back to two or three leaf buds, and remove anything growing straight up. And that summer pruning isn't necessary for untrained trees such as mine.

Does that sound right to all you experienced apple growers out there?

Thank you!


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,443
    I have already cut down all the new extended growth on my dwarf trees.That stimulates fruit production.   If you cut in winter it stimulates more growth. It depends on whether your tree is  the size you want , or whether you want it bigger.  If it is a tip bearer, you prune as little as possible, otherwise you remove all the fruit buds for next year.
  • Thanks, that makes sense. Mine are still a bit small I think so I'll wait til winter!
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