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bulbs and plants for dry, shady area

what bulbs and/shrubs should I plant in a dry shady area of 3metre by 7 metres?


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 48,932
    What is causing the shade, and is it dappled or quite severe shade? That will dictate the suggestions.
    Having said that, there are lots of things which will suit. Dry shade isn't something I really get here, but a good groundcover is London Pride [saxifraga urbium] which can be planted along with crocus and daffs for a bit of a succession of planting. There are lotsof different daffs/narcissus, so it's worth looking at a specialist supplier to make the right choices. Vincas will also do that job once established, and so will hardy geraniums, and they look very good with bulbs under them.
    Shrubs are a bit trickier, but there will be people here who can suggest suitable ones for dry shade. Pittosporum might be one, and deciduous shrubs like Potentilla are happy in shade once established. Many Cotoneasters will also do fine.

    Epimediums and cyclamen are also good, though not strictly bulbs. 

    A good online site to look at is Long Acre, which has lots of very suitable plants for shade too.  :)
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