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Orchid shoot growing sideways

Is this normal?


  • Yes. That is why they are always sold with the flower held upright by a stick.
  • Ha, I see, but I feel that if I force it upright with a stick it will snap. It's growing right beneath a very firm leaf.
  • hey gardennoob. Generally the stem will grow in the direction of light it receives. You can literally make it grow in a circle by moving the pot a bit every week.

    Do not attempt to straighten it once it has set in a certain position - that will indeed snap it.

    The main reason yours has grown the way it has is because it has a big leaf above it. So as it grew up towards the light it hit a big leaf preventing it growing upwards so it had to grow sideways instead.
  • There are many orchids that grow like this. In fact it's the commonest way for them to grow considering their home is often high in the trees. Instead of trying to straighten it, which could, as has been suggested, break the stem, put it in a hanging basket or stand it on a high shelf while it is in flower. Good luck with all your orchids.
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  • Thank you you all wise people!
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