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Plant id needed

Can anybody ID this plant for me please?
Its an outdoor plant that's two years old and never flowered. Its not a Nettle!


  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,531
    Looks a bit like lemon balm, Melissa officinalis. Pinch a leaf and sniff.  Lemon balm smells more lemony than a lemon.  Good for bees.
  • thanks josusa for suggestion,but not lemon balm,i know that one well,but i did crush a leaf to see if might have a scent ,but no smell  at all  
  • Papi JoPapi Jo Posts: 3,737
    Do the stems have a square section? How large are those leaves?
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  • Note able to let you know till later in week sorry
  • AsarumAsarum Posts: 599
    How about Stachys officinalis ?
    East Anglia
  • re  id request,16th sept,papa joe the stems are round,the leaves are up to 2.5 inches wide and 3.5 long,plant is 5inches high.asarum your suggestion is a good one stachys officinalis might be right but leaves seem wider than pics i looked at since your suggestion,
    no sign of flowers which would prove it of course,any other ideas welcome
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