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Shiitake mushroom log advice needed!

In the spring I inoculated a log with shiitake mushroom plugs. I followed all the instructions that came with the plugs. Used a freshly cut hardwood log (birch), drilled holes and hammered plugs in. Instructions did not say to seal with wax so I didn't. Wrapped in black plastic and left in garage for 6 months.

I've just got the log out, I know it's supposed to be covered in white stuff and that means the fungus is ready, but the inside of the bag was dripping wet, and the white stuff is really thick, not just a dusting like the plugs had. 

I've just put it standing up in the shade, as per my remembering of the instructions but I've lost the instructions now... and the internet tells me I should have sealed the holes with wax... I'm wondering if I've just messed this all up?

Photo attached - anyone know if it's supposed to look like this?


  • hi iamjowilson,
    My recollection is that the wax is put on as an optional safety measure to keep pests from eating the plugs and to stop it drying out. So, I don't believe you've done anything wrong, and you've had a fungus take a strong hold of that log. 
    kind regards
  • Phew, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good results then! 
  • OmoriOmori North YorkshirePosts: 391
    How exciting, please keep us posted :)
  • Oh yes, I’ll be visiting the log daily now! 
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