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Suggestions for an evergreen plant for screening:

ElothirElothir Posts: 94
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I'm hoping the more experienced people here will have some ideas for this.

I'm trying to work out a possible plant to screen/obscure a section of our fence. Originally we were thinking about planting a Shrub Rose in this spot, but due to changing circumstances it's been decided that we'd rather obscure our view of that particular spot, and since the rose would have dropped it's leaves that wouldn't really work for it unfortunately.

Whilst I appreciate there's a whole multitude of factors that would affect it, we're trying to find something relatively fast growing, that either tops out at around the 6-7' mark, or would be happy being kept pruned back to that sort of size/being pruned back to a manageable size both in terms of height and width (width wise probably slightly less broad than tall if possible). The soil is clay, though better/looser than some parts, and at least until it cleared the fence it would be a relatively shady spot in the mornings, then getting sun all afternoon more or less. 

I know some kind of climber is possibly an easy/obvious solution, but that isn't an option unfortunately. 

Considering the original idea was for a Rose, I personally would still like to find something that is more than just a mass of foliage. 

Thanks for any suggestions/advice.


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,165
    There are evergreen viburnums which would suit. They'd be happy in that site.
    There are always shrubs like Holly and Mahonia, or Pyracantha, but you may rule those out because they're prickly.
    A plainer evergreen like Eleagnus can always be enhanced with a climber through it too. 
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  • Cotoneaster lacteus is an excellent screening plant that can be restricted to desired height. It grows quickly,interesting as it is excellent for wildlife, bearing flowers followed by berries.

    Photinia 'Red Robin' is another good screening plant which grows quite quickly and can be pruned to size and shape.
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