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Split leaves on pilea peperomioides

tiniestgardentiniestgarden Posts: 19
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Hello everyone

I've recently started growing pilea peperomioides and have had two plants for 3-4 months now. They're putting on tonnes of growth and seem to be happy, but I have noticed that occasionally they will develop a deep split in a leaf (photo attached - this is very typical of the ones I have seen). Only seems to happen on the larger older leaves. I can't see any evidence of insects, but it is potentially possible that these older leaves had some earlier damage when they arrived.

Is this anything to worry about?



  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687
    I don't think that is done by any insect. As you guessed an injury that has caused the leaf to split as it grows larger. Because the plant is quite fast growing and new leaves are formed quickly, you should just cut out the older leaves if they get tatty. I have been growing these plants for nearly two years and they never have split leaves. But I have seen damaged leaves from poor handling in shops, very similar to yours, and if left on, they are likely to split due to that.
  • Thanks @Borderline - I think you are probably right that this was because of earlier damage. None of the new leaves are showing anything similar. I'll just remove the split ones and keep an eye on it - reassuring to know it's probably nothing more serious.
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