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Re-potting Cacti/Succulents

From what I've read so far it's best to wait until late winter/early spring.

Are there any exceptions to this or is it best to stick to that as a guide?


  • wild edgeswild edges The north west of south east WalesPosts: 8,858
    I've never had any problems repotting at this time of year but only do it for new plants or cuttings/pups etc. As long as you're careful with the watering over the winter it doesn't hurt and most are still growing at the moment. If it was avoidable though I'd wait until spring.
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  • Depends how much they don't mind being pot-bound in that case.
  • I used to grow cacti too, and would always re-pot them before the longest day. As the days draw shorter there is less daylight which I found made a big difference to their establishment and growth.
  • I'd suggest it also depends on which cacti/succulents you are referring to and where you keep them - house/heated/unheated conservatory/frost free GH ?
    If they aren't horrendously pot bound and in no danger of dying, you could leave them til Spring.
    Pete8 is a good source of info on these plants so maybe ask his advice ?
    Well they are very pot bound-

    I just bought a couple of the top ones recently as I fancied the pots they were in regardless.

    The bottom one I've had for around 18 months I think but it looks healthy. Not sure on type but a quick google suggests possibly Aloe aristata.

    I keep them either in the house or the unheated conservatory. 

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