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Clematis sieboldii

Hello, I bought this clematis in July and it is suddenly putting on a growth spurt, but the leaves are totally different to the original ? Is this normal - do I leave them growing or cut it off ?


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,626
    Fresh young leaves are often a different colour so don't worry.   You do need to remove those little plastic ties from the stems and cane and tie it in with soft twine until it starts to cling for itself.   I would sugegst you provide some more horizontal support for when you clematis produces more stems.  This can be either a square trellis panel or else tensioned wires stretche thru and attached to vine eyes which screw into the wall.   

    I would also advise giving the plant a very good drink - min 10 litres - and then mulching its base witha thick layer of well rotted garden compost or spent potting compost to protect it over winter.   Next spring, cut its stems back to a couple of pairs of buds and give it a generous feed of slow release clematis food and a mulch of well-rotted manure if you can.   

    Keep it watered during dry spells.  That wall will suck up lots of moisture and clematis don't like to be thirsty.  In fact, once it dies down for winter I would suggest you dig it up with as  much of teh roots as you can and re-plant it another foot or so away from that wall and 4" deeper than it was before.   This will help with water availability and being deeper will encourage it to produce more stems and thus more flowers.   Water well before and after.
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  • Thank you Obelixx, i appreciate your advice.
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