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Fig Trees - Second Crop



  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,427
    Squirrels are currently planting acorns in the lawn. They have already eaten all the hazelnuts.  Mind you, next door looks OK where they planted sunflower seeds.  I am assuming the borage seeds and Verbena bonariensis seeds went over attached to fur.
  • You could take some of them off so the energy is concentrated in a few but `I suspect you'll still not get a second crop. In my view you'd be better of removing all of these so the energy instead goes in to forming the embryonic figs for next year. 
    If you go for the first option I'd love to know if you succeed in getting a second crop.
  • Hi all,
    I've got a 'second crop' on my fig (a Brown Turkey) also. I'm in East Kent and it's in an unheated greenhouse and I am going to have a go at seeing whether it will ripen. I will watch this thread with interest.
    kind regards
  • Update 2 months on...alas, the second crop never quite ripened and all the unripe fruits are falling off now (as well as the leaves). I guess I got lucky in 2018 because of the very hot summer! Ah well. Here's to my 2020 crop!
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